Contact Tammy, District Registrar, at 740-699-2212.

  1. Go to  FinalForms (click HERE) to create a parent account or log into your parent account and add a student.

  2. Complete all required forms.

  3. Upload required documents (see below).

  • Student’s original “official” state-issued birth certificate

  • Immunization records – dates student’s immunizations were administered

  • Parent/Guardian driver’s license or state-issued photo identification

  • Proof of Residency – Utility bill, rent receipt, mortgage papers, property tax bill, deed, etc. If subleasing or sharing a residence, a residency affidavit is required.

  • Proof of Custody – In cases of legal separation or divorce, court documents must be provided naming the parent as the residential/custodial parent.

  • Student’s most recent schedule or report card

  • Special Education or Section 504 Plan – if applicable, provide a copy of evaluation (ETR), IEP, or 504 Plan

  • Affidavit for Bona Fide Legal Change of Residence – required for participation in interscholastic athletics grades 9 – 12 only.

  • Health Concerns – if applicable, provide authorization form for Epi-pen, Inhaler, any medications taken during the school day. Food Allergy Action Plan required for students with food allergies.

Homeroom assignments, scheduling, fees, classroom supplies, and transportation information will be provided by the assigned school building. You may also be required to complete additional building-level forms.

If your child has any medical issues that staff should be aware of, please contact the district nurse at 740-699-2384 prior to the start of school.